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About On The Mark

On The Mark is a software package designed for use in industrial quality control gauges and other high-precision measurement devices.  On The Mark interfaces with Solartron digital probes and linear encoders and allows users to collect, analyze, and export data collected from an array of probes.  The software supports up to 248 probes in a gauge configuration and up to 98 separate gauge configurations per system.

NEW!  A demonstration edition of On The Mark is now available!  See the Downloads page for details.

On The Mark is available in two different editions:

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition provides support for:

  • Up to 248 Solartron probes (either standard digital probes, pneumatic probes, "feathertouch" probes, or linear encoders)
  • Up to 95 separate configuration sets
  • The ability to collect sets of readings from up to 248 probes simultaneously, in discrete time intervals
  • The ability to simultaneously monitor up to 16 probes in real-time
  • Data logging, analysis, and graphing facilities
  • File conversion software to export data to several popular applications
  • Many other features detailed in the product Reference Guide (see below)

Automation Edition

In addition to all the features of the Standard Edition, the Automaton Edition includes features specifically designed to automate the control of a quality control gauge or other mechanism and the collection of data from that gauge.  In brief, this includes support for:

  • Support for digital I/O interface cards (ComputerBoards or compatible devices)
  • Scripting of control events, including digital I/O (either using ComputerBoards or compatible devices, or by using RS-232 signaling), and serial I/O (via RS-232 ports)
  • Signaling of script events using ActiveX components
  • Many other features detailed in the Automation Guide (see below)

Screen Shots

The following screen shots of On The Mark are available:  (Note that these are rather large BMP files, on the order of 50k to 250k in size.)

  1. The main On The Mark window
  2. The Probe Manager, showing one digital probe identified
  3. The Tolerances window, showing the status of the probe relative to its "home" position
  4. The Graph window, showing the most recent set of data points, the average of the data set, and the tolerances (both positive and negative) for the probe
  5. The Probe Monitor, showing measurements from the probe being taken at regular intervals in real time.
  6. The main OTM Locksmith window

Product Components

The On The Mark package is comprised of the following components:

  • On The Mark

    On The Mark is the main data collection front end that communicates with the probes and encoders.

  • OTM Locksmith

    OTM Locksmith is a companion module to On The Mark that allows system managers or quality control managers to configure security settings and permission for On The Mark.

  • OTM Tools

    OTM Tools is a collection of file conversion and data export utilities that allows the data collected by On The Mark to be used in other data analysis programs.

  • OTM Info

    OTM Info is a diagnostic utility that allows Metralis to provide quick, accurate technical support in variety of circumstances.

Product Documentation

Documentation for On The Mark is now available in Adobe Acrobat format (i.e., PDF format).  To download or view the documentation, visit the Downloads page.

You may also download these files by browsing through the Metralis public FTP site.


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