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20 February 1999

  • We have corrected the problems people have been experiencing trying to download the demonstration edition of On The Mark.  If you have been having trouble downloading the demo, please try transferring the file again.

13 February 1999

27 December 1998

  • A demonstration edition of On The Mark 1.2 is now available!  Please read the release notes and visit our Downloads page for additional information.
  • We are changing the layout and design of the site a bit in an effort to improve ease of use and readability.  Please feel free to contact the Webmaster with any comments, suggestions, or problems you have with the site.

26 December 1998

  • We have added information about the latest release of our On The Mark software, version 1.2.
  • The documentation for On The Mark 1.2 is no available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  Please see our Downloads page for more details.

20 December 1998

  • After a long hiatus, we have begun to update the web site with information about some of the new and exciting products and services we are working on a Metralis.



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