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The following files are available for download from the Metralis FTP site:

On The Mark

NEW!  A demonstration edition of On The Mark 1.2 Standard is now available for free download.  This edition is subject to several limitations, and cannot be used in a commercial or production facility.  Please be sure to read the release notes for the demonstration edition for more information.  (Note that the Zip file for the demo edition is approximately 5.2 megabytes in size.)

The following files contain the most recent documentation for On The Mark.  These files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

On The Mark Getting Started  [37k]

On The Mark Reference Guide  [256k]

On The Mark Automation Guide    [80k]

On The Mark documentation errata   [8k]

NEW!  Alternatively, you may download all the PDF documents in one compressed Zip file:

Compressed On The Mark documentation  [344k]

Third-Party Software

Some of these files are compressed Zip format.  You will need a Zip decompression program to be able to use these files.  If you do not have such a program already installed, we recommend WinZip 7.0 or higher, available here for free. (This link will open in a new browser window.)

WinZip Now 

Viewing the on-line documentation requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 3.0 or above.  To download the reader for free, follow the link below.  (This link will open in a new browser window.)

[Get Acrobat Reader]


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