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At Metralis, we have expertise with many different industrial and quality control technologies.   These technologies fall into several different categories:

Precision Measurement

We recommend and support all the different varieties of digital measurement devices from Solartron Metrology.  This includes support for the standard digital probes, the pneumatic probes, the "feathertouch" probes, and the linear encoders.  Solartron devices provide high reliability and repeatability, excellent precision, and economical cost.

Control I/O

We support a variety of digital I/O interface cards from ComputerBoards for our digital I/O applications.  The devices from ComputerBoards are extremely reliable, easy to design to, and provide up to 192 multi-purpose digital I/O channels.   We have plans to support the analog and temperature families of ComputerBoards devices by Q3 1999.

For larger-scale projects, we support the DeviceNet specification for interfacing with dozens of different industrial control devices.  We support DeviceNet-compliant products from several manufacturers, including SS Technologies, Festo Corporation, Omron, and many others.  Our support of DeviceNet components is still in its early stages; however, we plan to greatly expand our support of these devices over the next several months.

Data Collection and Storage

In our On The Mark package, we fully document our own proprietary file format and provide conversion tools to export the data to several other popular formats.  We can also write custom conversion software to export the data to almost any application you may use.

For custom solutions, either in addition to On The Mark or as a part of a stand-alone project, we also support many different data access technologies, including ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), RDO, ODBC and/or ODBCDirect, and DAO/Jet.  We also support interfacing with Microsoft FoxPro, Access, or SQL Server 6.5 or 7.0.



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